We dare to hope

By Ndafadza Madanha

SEVEN days ago to imagine President Robert Mugabe under the custody of the military and the bulk of the G40 cabal languishing in military barracks or on the run would have certainly passed for thoughts of the mentally deranged.

Seven days ago President Mugabe was in cruise control he had just got rid of his deputy and seemed to have easily ridden out the headwinds that followed his actions affirming his position as the sole center of power in his party.

A week ago he was attending the renaming of Harare International Airport to Robert Mugabe International Airport and he seemed to have secured his legacy with the his birthday from next year already declared a national holiday.

On the other hand his wife the first lady Grace Mugabe had in the last couple of years grown in statue politically that she had plotted the fall of two vice Presidents who she perceived to be threats to her husband’s grip on power

Exactly 14 days ago she had managed to claim the biggest political scalp of her career that of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa long times ally of her husband and the supposed heir apparent.

With Mnangagwa firmly out of the way and in exile she was well poised to become the next vice president of both government and ZANU-PF.

It was now apparent that Grace was positioning herself to take-over from her husband and there was little to suggest a radical change in the plot.

Her supporters in particular the now detained G40 ministers Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo and AWOL Patrick Zhuwawo had mobilized the party structures to support her ascendency to the Presidium.

The trio was so confident that they would get their way and arrogantly berated or expelled members of the party who would dare challenge their narrative.

However the saying a day is a long time in politics and a week is eternity rang true on Monday when the head of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces Constantine Chiwenga issued a chilling statement that caught everyone unaware.

Chiwenga called a press conference, surrounded by several military officials and in a bullish mood the general demanded that the President end the sacking of individuals in the ruling party with liberation credentials coupled with axing of the G40 cabal.

In his 37 years in power the military had always worked hand in glove with the President coming to his aid whenever the need arose.

Chiwenga’s statement rattled the country with many anticipating a robust reply from the Commander in Chief but surprisingly a feeble response came not from Mugabe but the leader of the kindergarten wing of the ruling party Kudzai Chipanga.

The statement from Chipanga was followed up by another statement from Khaya Moyo the ZANU-PF spokesman disparaging Chiwenga and threatening to charge him with treason.

Both statements seemed to have spurred the military and before the nation could digest events of the preceding two days we awoke yesterday to find major general Sibusiso Moyo on our screens.

Calmly and eloquently he stated that the first family was safe and sound in the hands of the military.

Those words seemingly innocuous carried the imagination and hopes of a country.

Just a week ago the country was on the verge of dynasty and a week later we dare to hope for a better future on the horizon.

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