Women urged to rise in 2018 elections

By Daniel Chigundu

SPEAKER of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda has urged women to rise to the occasion in the impending elections if they hope to make an effective impact.

Despite getting 60 extra seats in Parliament through a constitutional clause for 10 years, Women in Zimbabwe claim they are still underrepresented and want 50/50 representation.

Women organisations claim that the current political environment in Zimbabwe favours male candidates at the expense of women and have set their sights on 2018 elections to try and balance the imbalances.

Speaking at the 50/50 advocacy campaign and women’s manifesto launch, Honourable Mudenda said women would need to rise if they entertain hopes of achieving their desires.

“2018 can only be an election for women if women can rise up and stand up and be counted; it is not to be a wish based on 52 percent ratio in terms of population, so you must rise to the occasion that is what you must do.

“Women must arise; you must arise within your political parties and ensures that you find each other and take your place accordingly.

“You must rise in the voting process by ensuring that as many as possible many women go to the polls to vote for as many female candidates as possible otherwise you shall not rise,” he said.

Women constitute the majority of Zimbabwean population, constitute the biggest number of political party activists and supporters and are also the biggest number of registered voters in Zimbabwe.

However, despite having numbers on their side, women have surprisingly been missing when it comes to top positions in political parties.

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