ZACC implored to expose Chitungwiza stands scam rot

By Simbarashe Musaki
CHITUNGWIZA residents and employees have called for the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ZACC) intervention to expose the syndicate at the MDC-T led council’s head office for allegedly selling residential stands, illegally, prejudicing those on the waiting list.
Chitungwiza and Manyame Rural Residents Association (CAMERA) director, Marvelous Khumalo blamed the Ministry of Local Government for its failure to orient councillors on good governance and ethics before castigating law enforcers for complacency when dealing with the mess at council head office.
“The illegal parcelling of residential stands is prejudicing deserving applicants who have been on the waiting list for some time. The Ministry of Local Government is not doing enough to orient councillors on their roles so that good governance ethics are followed with checks and balances.
“For any crime which involves public goods to be committed, there is need for a syndicate to be involved. The illegal activities started way back and have sustained the test of time, and the hindrances in having panacea to this problem include lack of political will and politicization of allocation of stands. Party youths and senior party officials are involved in the identification of idle pieces of land, creation and allocation of residential stands.
“The law enforcement agents are so complacent and not keen on moving in to stop this mess. A land audit must surely be done and ascertain how these opaque deals are being done. ZACC should step in and investigate who the culprits are,” said Khumalo.
Chitungwiza Municipal Workers Union (CMWU) director Ephraim Katsina believes that council should settle employees’ more than 40 months arrears withstands before expressing displeasure over ZACC’s reluctance in investigating the whistleblowers’ allegations on city authorities’ shenanigans.
He said, “Chitungwiza council has a salary backlog of 40-45 months and these arrears are supposed to be paid in hard currency. We do appreciate the economic challenges, that’s why we are saying pay us with stands, but Housing Director, Hazel (Sithole) and company are ignoring our plea. To the extent of parcelling out land to people who are not even on the housing waiting list. We are disappointed with ZACC, as our calls for its intervention are falling on deaf ears, despite overwhelming evidence and reports from most of the stakeholders.”
However, Chitungwiza municipality has been on a spree of issuing prohibition and enforcement orders on development on some of the areas suspected to be benefits of corruption, recently.

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