ZAS launch national association

By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWE Agricultural Societies (ZAS) says it has launched a national association of show-societies of Zimbabwe to create avenues for cooperation and collaboration among societies.

In an interview at their exhibition stand at the ongoing 58th edition of Zimbabwe International Trade fair (ZITF), ZAS head of sales and marketing Cynthia Tapera said the 15 show societies in the country have seen the need for a more synchronized approach in agricultural development.

“The association which is being launched on May 5, 2017 in the Robbie Mupawose Centre at the Exhibition Park, is meant to provide a platform for stakeholder dialogue, discussion and cooperation and collaboration for the advancement of the broad objectives of agricultural societies in Zimbabwe.

“The association also seeks to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas for improvements in logistical, administrative, financial and security aspects in connection with the successful organization and innovative management of Shows.

“Effective vertical linkages between firms at different levels of the value chain play a key role in supporting the upgrading capacity of the chain. For example, firms in value chains for fresh fruits and vegetables must be able to respond quickly to changing food safety and quality standards.

Rapid response to changing market conditions requires on-going communication and cooperation both up and down the chain,” she said.

Tapera added that when vertically linked firms are willing and able to share information on new products and technologies, then the value chain as a whole is more competitive because it can adapt more rapidly to changing market conditions.

The ZAS head of sales and marketing revealed that agricultural societies of Zimbabwe were united by the common desire to promote and accelerate the development of agriculture in the country through the creation of and sustenance of an innovative, dynamic and vibrant medium for exhibitions, shows, discussions and information sharing.

Agricultural shows are important business platforms that offer companies an opportunity to interact with their clients, get feedback and also introduce new products.

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