Zim can win battle against Climate Change – Mashungu

By Edward Mukaro
COHESION and implementation of the requisite adaptation and mitigation measures, which differ from region to region, are essential if Zimbabwe is to win the battle against Climate Change; Lawrence Mashungu, a climate change mitigation expert, has said.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Business Connect, Mashungu said, “The battle against climate change can be won, but it depends on the quarantine shifting sort of preparedness we have.
“It can be done because according to studies on high disaster-prone nations like Bangladesh, they always manage to minimise the damage dealt upon their nation, through implementing their adaptation mechanisms, hence, if we work together we can minimise damage (by climate change-related disasters) fully utilizing our adaptation and mitigation mechanisms,” said Mashungu.
He added that Government has shown its willingness in fighting climate change through projects that are not only urban-centred but also rural community encompassing in pursuing the Sustainable Development agenda, while at the same time fighting climate change.
“Government has been promoting Climate Smart Agriculture. Remember we have started the Pfumvudza scheme targeting urban and rural communities,” he said.
The nation is on the verge of developing its first National Adaptation Plan (NDP) that will run for up to three (3) years from 2021, and it is also upon this plan that the nation will map out the different climate change adaptation for each region, nationwide.
According to the climate change expert, the adaptation plan will enable the nation to channel resources where they are needed, while also preventing duplication of roles by stakeholders.
“The National Adaptation Plan will help us to understand sectors that are more vulnerable, assist in the issue of key requirements in terms of cost as in adaptation and allocation of resources, while also assist the Minister of Finance in terms of budget allocation.
“Role allocation becomes clarified, hence all stakeholders from Government, non-state actors and many others will play their specific roles that we may not fail to respond and adapt to climate change,” said Mashungu.

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