Zimbabwe, Rwanda collaboration to boost exports: Zimtrade

By Varaidzo Zhakata
THE Rwanda-Zimbabwe Investment and Trade Conference will explore all accessible trade and investment opportunities between Zimbabwe and Rwanda to advance economic collaboration between the two countries.

According to Zimtrade chief executive officer (CEO) Mr. Allan Majuru, Zimbabwean businesses can get export opportunities in Rwanda in areas that can be visibly seen to be in their early stages of development.

“There are export opportunities for Zimbabwean businesses in Rwanda, in areas such as agriculture, health, education and manufacturing, pharmaceutical, ICT, packaging, clothing and textile, construction and engineering, and tourism. Below are some of the low hanging fruits Zimbabwean businesses can tap into,” said Majuru.
According to Majuru, Rwanda relies chiefly on agriculture and the sector contributes approximately 33 percent (%) of the country’s GDP, this allows local suppliers to export agricultural inputs, mechanization tools and implements.
“Agriculture is Rwanda’s main economic activity accounting for about 33% of GDP. Hence, there is potential for growth, through increased productivity and value addition for local consumption. There is room for local suppliers to export agriculture inputs, mechanization equipment and implements,” highlighted Majuru.
Zimbabwe will also benefit from various technological skills from Rwanda, as it is considered to be the center for ICT innovations being the first country on the continent to have fully electric cars from Volkswagen which were launched in the city of Kigali last year October and also a mobile phone known as the Mara phone which marked the first smart phones to be made in made in Africa.
Rwanda is a member of the East African Community (EAC) and customer union, which has a market capacity of above 132 million populace, hence the joint commission will enable Zimbabwe to have wider markets and increase exports to the expanse.

Rwanda is a hub for a rapidly integrating Africa and is part of East African Community Common Market and Customers Union (ECCMCU) with market potential of over 132 million people.

Increasing trade with Rwanda will open markets to the EAC, and in turn increase Zimbabwe’s exports to the region.

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