Zimbabwe sets target to end AIDS epidemic

By Natalie Chiwomadzi

ZIMBABWE has set targets that are going to help end HIV as a public health threat by 2030.

Speaking during The Zimbabwe Health Situation Room launch, Minister of Health and Child Care Obadiah Moyo said the set targets aim to reach people that haven’t been reached.

“Zimbabwe has adopted an ambitious treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic in the country by reaching 90% of all people living with HIV with testing services.

“HIV positive people that know their status will be provided with sustained antiretroviral therapy, and ensuring 90% of those on treatment have durable viral load suppression,” he said.

To make this ambition a reality, Zimbabwe has seen a need to improve access to health services by the people who need them the most.

Minister Moyo also clarified that “the HIV and Health Situation Room aims to help speed up and streamline communications between policy makers and implementers to help Zimbabwe stay on track to reach its national HIV and health targets, as well as the sustainable development goals”.

Meanwhile, although Zimbabwe still needs innovations especially through technology that makes access and use of data simple, it has managed to improve data used for policy formulation and decision making.

“Today, we stand in solidarity as we mark the beginning of improved data use for policy formulation and decision making in responding to health challenges in the country through the official launch of Health Situation Room,” said the minister.

The innovation improves transparency, collaboration, data use and data validation through enabling service delivery data, stock monitoring data, TB/HIV data, community data and drawing on the prior excellent work of different initiatives.

The minister also took the opportunity to highlight that Zimbabwe has excellent data that can provide information disaggregated by gender and location for many indicators.

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