Zimbabwe’s Founding President Mugabe Dies

By Tendai Sahondo


Zimbabwe’s first President and African icon, Robert Mugabe has died at the age of 95.

Announcing the passing on of Mugabe on his twitter account, current president, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa hailed Mugabe as a liberation icon.

“It is with the utmost sadness that I announce the passing on of Zimbabwe’s founding father and former President, Cde Robert Mugabe.

“Cde Mugabe was an icon of liberation, a pan-Africanist who dedicated his life to the emancipation and empowerment of his people. His contribution to the history of our nation and continent will never be forgotten. May his soul rest in eternal peace,” he said.

No details were immediately available over the founding President’s death, however it is understood he was hospitalized and on life support in a Singaporean hospital. Condolence messages have since started pouring in from far and wide, friends and foes alike. Opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa on his twitter account said a giant has fallen.

“My condolences to the Mugabe family and Africa for the passing on of Zimbabwe’s founding President. This is a dark moment for the family because a giant among them has fallen. May the Lord comfort them?

“Even though I and our party, the MDC, and the Zimbabwean people had great political differences with the late former President during his tenure in office, and disagreed for decades, we recognize his contribution made during his lifetime as a nation’s founding President,” he said.

Even Mukudzeyi (Jah Prayzah) Mukombe who played the soundtrack to Mugabe’s ouster had some kind words for the departed nonagenarian.

“Zita renyu richagara kwemakore nemakore, richaramba ririmo mundangariro dzedu uye vachauya vachanzwa nezvaro Your name shall be remembered for years and years, it will remain in our hearts and those that are to come will hear of it Rest In Eternal Peace Baba,” he said.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa hailed Mugabe for his contribution in the fight against white-minority rule

“Under President Mugabe’s leadership, Zimbabwe’s sustained and valiant struggle against colonialism inspired our own struggle against apartheid and built in us the hope that one day South Africa too would be free.During the decades of our own struggle, Zimbabwe’s liberation movement supported our own liberation movement to fight oppression on multiple fronts. After Zimbabwe achieved independence, the apartheid state brutalised and violated Zimbabwe as punishment for supporting our own Struggle,” he said.

Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years but experienced serious health problems towards the end of his reign mainly due to his advanced age. Many wished him dead; some circulated fake news of his passing every January, however in the end, it was the Lord who took him when his time was done.






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