Zimnat donates to Melfort Old People’s Home

By Natalie Chiwomadzi

ZIMNAT says it is going to provide free insurance cover for Melfort Old People’s Home two vehicles.

Speaking on the donation, Zimnat chief executive officer Mustafa Sachak said they agreed to provide cover for the two vehicles for the whole year to ensure that the home’s vehicles are on the road legally.

“The chairperson of Melfort Old People’s Home approached Zimnat Group for assistance for vehicle insurance cover after the institution received a donation of two vehicles,” said Sachak.

The institution faces a number of challenges, among them lack of consistent food supply and adequate manpower. Currently, there are only two superintendents who are employed by Help Age Zimbabwe and a part-time nurse.

Sachak also added that “we also discovered that there are a lot of challenges the home is facing including deaths of residents, food shortages and lack of manpower. We will look, therefore, at how best we can further assist”.

Following the assistance rendered with insurance, Zimnat has scheduled a visit to the home to asses its needs and see how best it can further assist.

Melfort Old People’s Home is located along Mutare road and is registered with Help Age, it has the capacity to accommodate about 60 elderly residents, most of whom have been referred to it by the social welfare department. Others come from Harare and Marondera hospitals.

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