Zimplats contributes to maternal health

By Daniel Chigundu

Giant platinum miners Zimplats says it has splashed around US$12 000 towards the completion of a maternity wing at Gora Clinic in Mhondoro.

Many rural clinics in the country have no proper maternity facilities for pregnant women, a development which has resulted in some having to give birth at home or at the roadside on their to distance clinics.

Proper maternity facilities are one of the requirements in trying to prevent transmission of HIV/AIDS from mothers to child which at most times occurs during birth.

Maternity facilities are a step in the right direction towards the elimination of child mortality; however, the government has been able to provide the needed facilities around the country owing to lack of resources.

This has seen the country’s health sector especially in the area of family planning, HIV/Aids response and fight against TB and Malaria depending heavily on the development partners.

According to National Aids Council (NAC) financial director Albert Manenji, about 85 percent of HIV/Aids response is funded by the development partners while the country only puts a measly 15 percent.

In its annual book for the year 2017, Zimplats said its contribution towards the maternity wing is premised on its care for the communities surrounding its operations.

“We care for the health and well-being of communities surrounding our operations. In FY2017, we improved access to quality healthcare services for expecting mothers after assisting with completing the construction of a maternity wing at Gora Clinic in Mhondoro Mubaira.

“The existence of the facilities has not only led to the reduction of child mortality rates by 88 percent but has also enhanced the community’s access to postnatal services immediately after birth,” said the company.

Since 2013, the mining company has spent around US$913184 in enhancing the health services and facilities around its operations.

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