ZRP infuriates motorists, commuters

By Staff Report
MOTORISTS have castigated the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) for what they termed “corrupt” tendencies at checkpoints along routes leading to the capital’s city centre.
The ZRP officers have since been visible at various points of the routes leading into the central business district (CBD) stopping motorists for various purposes, chief among them; checking and apprehending commuters who are not wearing face masks appropriately or not putting on any mask for that matter.
In an interview with this publication, motorists who spoke on condition of anonymity, after a public spat with a number of ZRP officers expressed disgust at the conduct of members of the police force, who allegedly have been abusing their authority as public officials and going on to extort motorists hard-earned money.
“I was stopped by the police at the Warren Park checkpoint, and so, apparently one of my passengers was not properly wearing his face mask.
“However, the same policeman who wanted my passenger to stay behind and pay a find was also not putting on his mask correctly, as it was way below his chin.
“The last I passed through this checkpoint one of the motorists I had a brief chat with confessed to having allegedly paid a bribe to the police officers to forgo the chance of being apprehended and subsequently having to pay a fine at the local post (Warren Park),” quipped the motorist.
One motorist who stays in Ruwa had no kind words for the police as he was allegedly made to pay US$5 to get passage into the city after encroaching into an oncoming traffic lane, in the midst of a rush-hour traffic jam, as commuters rushed to get to work.

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