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By Vimbai Kamoyo

African Christian Council International (ACCI) President Johannes Ndanga says the Zimbabwe elections were above board as they were conducted in a free and fair manner.

Speaking to journalists, Ndanga, who is widely seen as a ZANU (PF) apologist, said his observation team did not see any anomalies in the just ended country’s harmonised elections.

“All voters who turned for voting managed to exercise their vote although ZEC had logistical challenges in availing enough ballot papers on time resulting in some polling stations opening late. In fairness voting was extended to 24 August to those areas that were affected by the delay of availing of ballot papers.

“The environment was largely peaceful during and after election and the level of political tolerance that we observed as ACCI was commendable. However, we noted utterances by some contestants after election results which may have the influence to insight their supporters not to accept results” added Archbishop Ndanga.

He, however, lamented the absence of opposition CCC polling agents at some voting stations.

“At each polling station, polling agents would sign V11 forms which was a summation of verified results of the voting process. In Midlands province in Huchu primary school, Simon Mazorodze primary school, Sebakwe Game Park Tent, Moffat primary school and Musena clinic CCC failed to deploy its polling agents for the reasons yet to be known,” he said.

Ndanga joins the Palestinian and Indian delegations which have endorsed the election as the true reflection of the will of the people.

However, other organisations such as the SADC Elections Observer Mission (SEOM), EU and AU have condemned them as having failed to meet credible elections.

Some of them have pinpointed Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (FAZ) as the culprit in intimidating the electorate.

Ndanga, however, defended FAZ saying he saw nothing wrong with their alleged activities.

” The ACCI also engaged, Forever Associates Zimbabwe which was accused of voter intimidation. This was not verified in areas which we covered as their activities were being done 300 meters away from polling stations,” said Ndanga.

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