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Cabinet approves the Heritage-based Education 2024-203 Policy

Honourable Min. Amon Murwira

Cabinet approves the Heritage-based Education 2024-203 Policy

By Allan Mbotshwa

Cabinet wishes to inform the nation that it has approved the Heritage-Based Education policy, this comes after the scraping of the CALA model which was burdening learners and parents alike and this is a welcomed development across the board.

This plan seeks to provide the framework and timelines for the implementation of the Policy. 

Cabinet informs the nation that the Implementation Plan will commence in May 2024 and is anchored on the five main pillars, namely Programmes/ Curriculum infrastructure; Staffing or workforce infrastructure; Physical and digital infrastructure; Regulatory and legal infrastructure; and the Financial infrastructure.

Speaking to Cabinet, Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Honourable Professor A. Murwira said regarding the implementation of the Curriculum or Programmes infrastructure, the Cabinet wishes to highlight that the Implementation Plan for the Heritage-Based Education 2024-2030 Curriculum Framework provides guidance in the delivery of a coherent and inclusive quality primary and secondary education.

This includes the printing and distribution of the Curriculum documents by 30 June, 2024; unpacking of the Heritage-Based Curriculum Framework which is ongoing up to 31st May, 2025; and the review of learning area syllabi that is, (rationalisation of content in learning areas) commencing 1st October, 2024; and the review of the Assessment Tools by 30th October, 2024.

In terms of teacher capacity development, the Ministry will roll out the unpacking of the curriculum and syllabi to teachers through workshops, circulars, and various media for the rationalised learning areas as well as the implementation modalities by 31st December, 2024.

“The nation is also advised that in order to actualise the aims of our education system, a review of the legal and regulations infrastructure will be undertaken. 

This shall include establishing a participatory structure for continuous Heritage-Based education refinements, such as the establishment of learning area associations and panels at school, district, provincial and national levels by 31st July, 2025,” he added.

Education is an investment that requires human, material and financial resources support.

Currently, Treasury has allocated 8% of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Budget towards the Heritage-Based Education Curriculum 2024-2030 and shall continue to support the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in achieving the goals of this transformation.

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