CHRA says no to double taxation

By Kudzaishe Machiwenyika
THE Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) has urged residents to resist what it called “double taxation” from ‘failing’ authorities, as the City of Harare moots the introduction of a roads levy, via the back door in Harare.
In a statement released to the media, CHRA implored all Harare residents and motorists to resist any form of Road Tax or Levy, as the resident’s association sees such action by the council as double taxation on citizens.
“This injustice in the making is not welcomed in Harare whereby citizens have already been grappling with over-taxation for quite some time now, therefore, the Harare City Council is expected to explain and embark on broader consultation on this relevant matter.
“ZINARA has totally failed to use vehicle licensing and toll gate fees, as they now want to use road levy in road maintenance and rehabilitation,” said CHRA.
The residents association further challenged ZINARA to publish the amount of vehicle license fees that were collected in Harare for the year 2020 and amounts that were disbursed to the local authority, which is said to have since disappeared, hence, the call for ZINARA to find another way of solving its failures on road maintenance.
Moreover, CHRA indicated that it will retaliate, if the government of Zimbabwe decides not to aspire on the improvement of roads, while also imploring Cabinet to reverse the ZINARA takeover of vehicle licensing from local authorities, as it is clear that Zimbabwe, in general, is a result of a centralized governance system that is not responsive to local needs since ZINARA took over vehicle licensing, in 2008.

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