EMA commended for complimenting government’s effort

BY Edward Mukaro
THE Minister of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Hon Mangaliso Ndhlovu has commended the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) for its commitment towards the country’s development roadmap, as shown by the investment in resilient infrastructure, not only in the major cities, but at the local level.
Addressing delegates who attended the official opening of the newly built, EMA Tsholotsho District Office, in Matabeleland Province, Hon Ndhlovu paid homage to the country’s environmental watchdog (EMA) saying the move, to open new offices, goes a long way in complementing the recently launched National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1).
Construction of this new office, according to the Hon Ndhlovu, signifies a total commitment to investing in resilient, sustainable and innovative infrastructure as spelt out by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the country’s National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1); and in the process creates an enabling environment towards promoting sustainable utilisation of natural resources and protection of the environment.
“This development is in support of the current national blueprint, the NDS1’s objectives of strengthening social infrastructure as well as ensuring sustainable environmental protection and resilience; hence we look forward to the establishment of more of such offices across the country,” said Hon Ndhlovu.
From a broader perspective, the minister said the project resonates with Government’s decentralisation drive.
“Most importantly, this projects fits perfectly into the devolution agenda, which promotes development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure not only in cities such as Harare or Bulawayo but also at the local level,” said Hon Ndhlovu.
Stakeholders were also implored to take advantage of the infrastructure as there is a need for inclusivity for the nation to realise its potential.
“There is need for inclusivity in the utilisation of this structure so that it does not benefit EMA alone, but the district, province and the nation at large,” he added.
Recently, EMA opened offices in Binga District and more offices are expected to be opened across the country, soon, as Government seeks to enable districts from across the country to be in sync with global and national pronouncements towards the promotion of the green economy and the country’s bright future.

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