Ministry of Health under the spotlight

WHILE it is comforting to know that that there has been some headway in wage negotiations between teachers and the Government, as highlighted in Parliament recently, it is also important to note that the health of pupils and teachers is crucial, especially in view of the fact that there have been reported cases of COVID- 19 cases in some schools, Prince Edward High School, to be precise.
Thursday (yesterday) newspapers were awash with the news that seven (7) pupils at the Harare school had tested positive for the virus and have since been quarantined.
This is alarming given that schools only opened on Monday and 3 days later cases are being reported.
One wonders whether there are other cases across all schools spread across the country that yet to be detected. The sad part is that at most times these positive cases only come to be detected after one has symptoms, the common ones, which makes the whole situation scary.
Parents cannot be forgiven for panicking under such circumstances; hence, authorities should be seen to be taking action by being pro-active rather than being responsive.
However noble the decision to re-open up schools amidst the declining of COVID- 19 cases, reluctance should be shunned at all costs, as the consequences are grave.
It’s interesting to see how the Minister of Health and his team will react t this outbreak at Prince Edward School, as all eyes are now fixated on the sector to see how the solutions being put forward will suit the current situation.
Relevant authorities in the education sector should at least make sure that all protocols and regulations are strictly adhered to, especially now, when the globe is reportedly bracing for the 3rd wave of the COVID- 19 pandemic.
It would have been prudent for authorities to facilitate the testing for COVID- 19 of all pupils reporting for lessons in all schools across the country to prevent another outbreak and another Phase 4 national lockdown, which exposed millions to hunger.
Obviously, the case of resources might be a limiting factor in testing all students, but it’s still essential. Also, strict adherence to the COVID- 19 regulations should be ensured in our schools otherwise a catastrophe awaits the nation.
Citizens are also letting their guard down, as witnessed in most residential areas where people foolishly go about their business with no facemasks, which only spells doom and disaster ahead!

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