Robson’s “It Takes Two” to premiere in London, Lagos

By Edward Mukaro
UNITED Kingdom-based actor, producer and film director, Daniel Ndlara Robson, dubbed Zimbabwe’s own Tyler Perry, has struck gold after the successful shoot of “It Takes Two”, in Lagos and London, respectively, as news of the film’s premiere slated for this summer in both cities.
Filmed under Netflix quality standards, It Takes Two has generated a high buzz and huge interest on the international entertainment scene and of course among the general public, media and various business organisations.
Commenting on his experience in Nigeria on the shoot of the film, Robson said, “My new movie is one of the most interesting things to ever happen to me at this time of the year when we are all talking about lockdowns and all the challenges we have been coming across.
“I managed to fly to Nigeria to shoot a movie and come back. It has been a good experience because of the time of this period we are in,” he said.
Robson, who also plays the main character in the film is the founder and chief executive officer of fast-growing Star Galaxy Media, a UK based firm, explains that he was not even expecting to cast as the main actor in the film, but somehow because of his qualities and passion for acting, the Nollywood production team decided to give him the leading role in the production.
“I am the main actor. I tried my best. All I can say is don’t let anything stop you if you love something. Just did that. I became the main actor, though I was not ready for it.
“When we were writing the script, I didn’t think I was the main actor. I thought I was just going to be a character that was just going to be playing alongside, but before I knew it they said to me you are going to be the main actor. They said you have skills better than everybody,” explained Robson.
“It Takes Two” is a captivating, emotional, funny and much relatable story. Frederick Mark (played by Robson) is a rich businessman who made his fortune creating a tech company with his friend James Brown. His wife best friend Mabel also joins the organization as an executive assistant. James being the smart guy figured out Mabel is so envious of her friend, Elsie and she’s determined to see her ruin. He plays on her intelligence and was able to convince her that their mission can be intertwined as one if they can team up to convert the company’s funds into their personal account. Happy Mabel who for once is seeing somebody who shares her ideology embraces this idea wholeheartedly. His impressive resume explains just why he is being compared to the industry’s heavyweights in the mould of Tyler Perry.
Mabel’s goal is to see Elsie her best friend whom she is jealous of shattered she deploys every means to destroy her marriage. While James on the other hand wants to convert all the company funds to himself alone and abscond with the money.
One of the cast is well known and celebrated Nigerian actress Marry Lazarus, who has had a lot of films in Nollywood
Robson has also produced films like the Broken Cross, Dangerous Zone, Lethal Beast, Betrayal and most recently, a new reality show called, The London Hustler.

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