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Cuba and Zim band together against Gaza genocide

Cuban, Palestinian ambassadors, and Zimbabwean reps

Cuba and Zim band together against Gaza genocide

By Allan Mbotshwa

Cuba and Zimbabwe have come together to denounce the genocide taking place in Gaza which has seen a massive loss of life and infrastructure across the strip, to date over 35,000 people have died leaving 74,000 injured and others in critical condition.

Women, children, and people with disabilities have been the most affected groups since the commencement of the war on October 7, 2023, and 15 children were reported to have died due to hunger and dehydration resulting from the lack of essential supplies.

The Ambassador of the State of Palestine, Dr. Tamer Almassri condemned the double standards that are being presented at an international level by those who pretend to uphold human rights and social justice while turning a blind eye to the genocide taking place in Gaza.

“We condemn these acts as their the worst of any human rights infringements, those in positions of power have turned a blind while lives are being lost at an alarming rate, this shows how far some are willing to go in support of their agenda,” he said.

Speaking at the same press conference Ambassador Yenielys Vilma Regueferos Linares echoed the same sentiments citing that it is important to stand with the nation of Palestine during this dark period when freedom and human rights are being trampled upon.

“Let us stand united in denouncing any unjust action against any country or people within the world, innocents are dying every day while the war drags on and nothing is being done to facilitate the end of the war which has seen many lives being lost, Cuba has faced many challenges and is one of the countries with the longest standing sanctions,” she said.

Her Excellency spoke about the important history the countries share and the significance of standing together in times of need, Cuba has been one of Zimbabwe’s allies for a long time with aid coming from the country and also training of doctors and other essential personnel.

Dr. Tamer Almassri thanked Zimbabweans for their solidarity with Palestine and welcomed the removal of sanctions on the nation as it is a hindrance that has been affecting the country’s economic growth intensively.

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