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Nature’s Nest creating opportunities for empowerment

Nature's Nest

Nature’s Nest creating opportunities for empowerment

By Allan Mbotshwa

Nature’s Nest is a registered small to medium firm that aids in empowerment through being your boss, the main thrust of the business is centred on spices something synonymous with women.

“The business is aimed at giving people financial freedom through entrepreneurial skills specifically targeting those willing to be a part of a bigger business network, our products are sold at wholesale prices which in turn give the best returns,” said Latifah Banda, the company’s sales representative.

The firm sells its produce at wholesale prices of 50c and 80c allowing the retailer to put a mark-up price that is convenient for him/her to continue operations, this makes the product affordable and obtaining it in large quantities easier for retailers.

Nature’s Nest was founded in 2020 by Abigail Mphepo who had the vision to empower her male counterparts who are marginalized by society and male counterparts; her dream is to see financially stable women who can contribute to their families and the economy.

The business does not only focus on returns coming from one side the diversity of it is through a 10% commission that is awarded when a member has managed to bring in five people into the company.

This not only aids members by creating a bigger network of retailers but also aids them in recruiting others to enjoy financial freedom, this is in line with various government programmes that are in place to help the public with self-sustenance methods during these tough economic times.

“We encourage our members to recruit more so that they enjoy the benefits of being your boss, the current numbers are gradually growing and people are embracing our products as they are organic and made from natural ingredients without any additives,” said Miss Banda.

Nature’s Nest has managed to turn around the lives of many people through its empowerment drive of giving people the opportunity to contribute to their households and become self-sufficient without needing to get hand-outs.

“We are aiming to grow our business to even greater heights because we want this initiative to be introduced across the country in a bid to empower women in the country as they are identified as a vulnerable and marginalized group,” she added.

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