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Business Connect Iconic series preps at advanced stage

Eng. Delight Makotose

Business Connect Iconic series preps at advanced stage

By Allan Mbotshwa

Preparations for the Business Connect’s iconic awards ceremony 13th edition which seeks to commemorate and award the most performing business tycoons and pacesetters in the various value chains within the country.

The initiative has been running for the past 3 years and some notable business persons have been awarded for their business prowess which has been recognised as the best performers in previous years.

The Iconic series which has been endorsed within the business circles has been a source of encouragement to various business people who perform exceptionally well during the year.

Mrs Blessing Magenga, Chief Executive Officer of the Business Connect Newspaper emphasised the need to recognise and celebrate the achievements being made within the business sector and said that more needs to be done to have people participate so that they achieve more as they have previously attained.

“We must recognise people who have done exceptional work for the year as they are innovators who have the drive to boost the economy while also creating employment and making communities realise financial freedom.

We also have the Pacesetters series which runs in conjunction with the Iconic series, this category seeks to recognise young entrepreneurs and business people, who have made various innovations within the sectors,” she said.

The need to recognise the achievements of people within various value chains fosters a competitive mood which in turn makes the business sector reflect positively on the stabilisation of the economy and creation of employment.

Engineer Delight Makotose, who is also the Director for the SMEs International Expo said that people need to embrace this initiative as it will boost healthy competition, since the SME sector is fast growing and needs constant monitoring such a platform will help people in achieving the goals and expanding their businesses.

“The SMEs sector is rapidly growing and there is a need to recognise those that make a difference within their various value chains, this, in turn, solidifies their position as a growing sector which is making great strides within the country,” he said.

The awards ceremony will be held in the capital in a lavish event, the process of nomination is open to the public and the adjudication process will be done utilising votes from our social media platforms.

If you have anyone you would like to nominate please get in touch with us on;

Facebook: The Business Connect

Twitter: @thebusinessconnect

Website: www.thebusinessconnect.co.zw

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