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Practical Perspective of AI and Drones Telemedicine Kits

Professor Stephen Mashingaidze

Practical Perspective of AI and Drones Telemedicine Kits

By Professor Stephen Mashingaidze 

In my last article, I explored the role of AI and Telemedicine in emergencies and disasters. In the just-ended Dubai World Governance Conference our  President initiated the adoption of  Dubai  AI technologies this is a policy shift and a very welcome development. This would require critical skills in the implementation of the technology-intensive project.

Today in this article I will bring to your attention drone telemedicine kits and AI. The  Civil Aviation Authority of  Zimbabwe has the relevant laws  governing  the  importation and  ownership  of drones a license  is  actually  required and  there  is  need  to understand  that  drone  kits  can be  put  to  good  use  in  emerging  economies  like  Zimbabwe  and  African  nations.

Machine  learning  is  an enabler in the  drone  technologies makes it possible through  the  development  of  modules that  gives instructions to the hardware and ultimate drone kits. The quality of software levels of sophistication embedded in the DNA of the drones powering the drones to be useful. According  to  Ashan  Abbas in  a recent  interview pointed out  that  sojro drones telemedicine kits are  the  World’s first drones for  live  consultations with  medical experts.

(www.http://tech4lifeenterprises.com/telemedicine-drone -kits-to revolutionize/ is a reference point. It is equipped with high resolution cameras and network capacity for telemedicine consultations along with devices to examine patients in remote areas.  These drones can be used by health and humanitarian organisations in Africa including disaster, and emergence care bodies, and set-ups of ambulance, hospitals and primary healthcare in remote areas.  There is much talk of Generative AI and solutions that can be developed to manage challenges in all spheres of life.

The SMEs and  Corporates in Zimbabwe  must  take  a step towards building  the  critical  skills and  special  purpose vehicles since  the  University Hubs and available human resources are not fully utilized. According to https://d3.harvard.edu/platform-digit/submission/shield-ai/n Shield AI builds autonomous drones for special operations and military operations with resilient AI-powered products. With these  and many world  reknown developments in AI the drones aspect is  now  possible and  a feasible  reality .

I urge SMEs and  Corporates  to ride  on this space and make a difference . Key  players  like  Tesla, Open AI , Google , IBM, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft  these are  key  drivers to the  future  of  Generative AI.There are  plenty of revenue  earning  opportunities.  With the increased focus on drone telemedicine kits collaborations and  the  public private  sector  drive will  make  Africa and  Zimbabwe  dig  into  tech driven  revenues. The  year  2024  is a very  tough  one and the  trading  conditions remain very  challenging  in all  nations. There  is  no  better  or best  environment  given  the geopolitics prevailing  at the  moment  in  the  European and Middle East  conflicts. 

It’s now pertinent to know that AI is now utilised in a number of areas in in Drone  telemedicine Kits and  I see  opportunities  for  drone manufacturers, users  and  distributors . There is an urgent drive to solve these disasters and emergencies that AI became handy. The popularity of  AI innovative technologies  and its  impact  on drone  telemedicine kits is now  visible. This  now  requires all  partners  involved  to  prepare in terms resource  allocation and  tapping into the first world research like Amazon , Telsa and  their  special  purpose vehicles SpaceX and Deep Blue to  partner  with NASA. For  Zimbabwe  this  a real driver  for  dealing  with  the  medical  situations given  the     vagaries of  poor  healthcare  practices now.

 The  government  of Zimbabwe  has a big  role  to play  in drone telemedicine  kits development  policies to  ensure  risks are minimised and more positive approach  is adopted in SMES  nationally. I am running an online educational AI and Drone Telemedicine Kits technologies in Africa an evidence based approach lead by  Dr  Shariq koja and Ashan Abbas.

•       Professor Stephen Mashingaidze, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Springbok Consulting (Pvt) Ltd & Team Leader at  Scotel/Tech4Life Africa email me for feedback on mashiconsultinternational@gmail.com cc stephen@aartec.com

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