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Children can get cancer: Kidzcan


Children can get cancer: Kidzcan

By Nomagugu Konke

Childhood cancers are overlooked most of the time, especially in African countries where traditional healers or religious leaders are sometimes the first place parents go for help when they have concerns about the health of their children.

According to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, in a medical setup, they are misdiagnosed because early symptoms are mistakenly attributed to more common injuries or illnesses.

Speaking at the International Childhood Cancer Day, Reverend Gary Cross, the board member of Kidzcan said there is a need to break the stereotype that children cannot be affected by cancer.

“We go to places around Zimbabwe where even today, there are people who still do not know that children actually can get cancer, and it’s one of the things that we have to break in Zimbabwe.

“What happens is children come and they start their treatment and then go home they don’t come back or they come back late. And that’s a real problem for us and the Rainbow Children Village will change that,” he said.

Reverend Gary also said the newly launched Kidzcan facility is a community to impact positivity on the lives of the lives of children suffering from cancer as well as their parents.

“Kidzcan does not only stand for kids with cancer, It stands for kids can lead normal lives, and that’s what we want for all of them. Healthy, normal, fulfilling lives, we do this through some things, we look at pediatric cancer awareness, control, treatment, and psychosocial support, through arts and body throughout Zimbabwe.

“We are providing a restorative home where patients can be monitored and recuperate after receiving treatment, we’re creating a home that provides a tranquil, clean environment to shelter the patient and their caregiver both during and after treatment,

As Kidzcan we are committed to all that we have to pursue excellence in palliative care for our children. It is a hard truth that childhood cancer continues to cause devastation in our nation amongst families and communities,” he said.

International childhood cancer day is a global collaborative campaign to raise awareness about childhood cancer and to express support to children and adolescents with cancer, the survivors, and their families.

The Executive Director for Kidzcan, Mr Daniel Mackenzie said they have transformed the day to cover the whole month of February.

“Well here in Zimbabwe, we’ve transformed this day to cover the whole month of February and even beyond as an awareness campaign that also includes fundraising.

 “On Orange Day, a day that many of our schools celebrate, children attend school clad in orange and bring a dollar donation that is given to Kids Camp. The money goes towards the treatment of pediatric cancer sufferers and their families who often have to deal with the surge of solitude due to stigma caused by ignorance.

International Childhood Cancer Day happens on the 15th of February and it highlights the importance of community participation and support in tackling the challenges related to child cancer.

“Childhood Cancer International wants to see, and so does Kidscan, to see a world where the challenges faced by children with cancer, the survivors and their families, are well understood and fully appreciated and addressed by key stakeholders like ourselves, political leaders, decision-makers, social intellectuals, healthcare professionals, and the wider community. This year the theme is Unveiling Challenges.

So the first year of the campaign is dedicated to the collection of challenges, the inequalities encountered by those navigating the complex landscape of childhood cancer,” he said.

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