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Minister Yeukai Washe: Rising Gospel Diva In Eternal Prayer For Homeland!

Yeukai Mhandire

Minister Yeukai Washe: Rising Gospel Diva In Eternal Prayer For Homeland!

By Staff Reporter

Almost 10 000 kilometers away from her homeland after migrating to the United Kingdom at the turn of the millennium, Yeukai Mhandire, remains in contact with her folks in prayer and song.

Her songs are mainly in Shona, her mother’s language as they touch on different faith-based and social issues salient in today’s society with a limited blend of Ndebele and English languages.

The gospel singer and specialist nurse is a passionate praying woman; coming from a strong Christianity background. First as an Anglican and now an Apostolic Faith Mission youth counsellor.

To date the family mother boasts of two albums, Utiziro, produced in 2001 before going off radar to pursue professional studies and Munamato released in 2021 after settling in the diaspora.

Her fans passionately know her as Minister Yeu and is currently working on a new album that has a promising thriller track, “Mwari Komborerai Zimbabwe”, which shows her high sense of patriotism and deep sense of faith in life regardless of obtaining obstacles or successes.

The song comes as an intercession for the country to be rescued from the socio-economic challenges it is facing.

“It’s a song I wrote and played just to express my love for my country of birth. I am always praying for Zimbabwe and I just sing about it. I sang that song last December 2022 and had the opportunity to share the stage with the legendary gospel musician Rebecca Malope where I performed the song for the first time at a live concert including different platforms,” she told this publication in an interview.

Yeukai Washe is insistent that the solution for the country’s bright future rest on God’s will as expressed in song Mwari Komborera Zimbabwe.

The song which is gaining tract on online platforms and at the concerts. She has implored God to bless the nation through raising its development and stability.

“…. May the name of Zimbabwe be restored to the bread basket of Africa, Ngaiphakamiswe ilizwe leZimbabwe, ngaisimuke , ngaisimuke Nyika yeZimbabwe. God Bless Zimbabwe, Nkosi sesikelela Zimbabwe ngaiphakamiswe ,, legama lakho,”goes the lyrics.

She highlights in the song that Zimbabwe is the beloved motherland which is loved by God; praying for the rains in order to attain good yields and stressing that its about time God listens to the wishes of his people-the Zimbabweans.

In this endeavour the singer joins the likes of veteran gospel musician Baba Charles Charamba whose Nyika YeZimbabwe released almost a decade ago pleads also to the maker to intervene in Zimbabwe’s development trajectory.

Her first album, Utiziro in 2001, was influenced by her church choir background as she comes from a Christian background and was released when she was only 17 years old-thanks to the supportive family.

Munamato, years later is composed with various prayers for different life encounters in a thrust to inspire, express gratitude in life, motivate people.

Songs in the album include Tinofamba Nomweya ,Wandizodza, Ndovatenda Nei, Thank You ,Vachengetei, Ndazviona, Iwe Moyo, and Wanano.

“Jonathan Mugazi and his wife Melynda and Pastor Stanlic Mutemererwa, on three tracks Ndinovatenda Nei, Thank You and Wandizodza which is themed on praising God through prayer.

“Basically the songs are appreciating God and thanksgiving and for the what He did to my life,” she once told the media.

Her prayer about Zimbabwe may be deduced in Christian circles to be a reinforcement to recognize Guatemala based prophet Cindy Jacobs back in 1998 that ‘Zimbabwe will be the Jewel of the world’.

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