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The making of a star: Rutendo “Lael” Muzvarwandoga

Rutendo “Lael” Muzvarwandoga

The making of a star: Rutendo “Lael” Muzvarwandoga

By Allan Mbotshwa

20-year-old Rutendo “Lael” Muzvarwandoga better known for her tracks Tamba, Auya uya ft Okoye, and Hazviko, has promised to give music lovers a run for their money as she will be dropping hit after hit this year.

The Business Connect had the opportunity to interview the reverting artist and got to understand her better from the conversation. For the interview, I will be referred to as AM and Miss Muzvarwandoga as Lael.

AM: Who is Rutendo Lael Muzvarwandoga?

Lael: I am a 20-year-old student at Women’s University in Africa; I am currently studying Social Work and am in my first year. On the other hand, I am a passionate musician.

AM: What pushed you to become a musician?

Lael: I grew up in a musical family, my mom is a vocalist and my dad is an instrumentalist, therefore I grew up into music.

AM: When did you first venture into making music?

Lael: I recorded my first song in 2020 which was a feature with a friend of mine because of school, I had to stop doing music for a year, then in 2022 I met a producer from Chiredzi named McHudson and he took me in and I joined his company and record label McHudson Entertainment (MHE). He then helped me push my music and we worked on 15 released songs and others in progress together.

AM: So which genre do you sing and do you have any albums as yet?

Lael: My strength is in Afro and R ‘n’ B, but I have done other genres including Amapiano, House, and Gospel. Not yet but I’m working on an EP.

AM: How has the music industry, considering you are a woman competing in a male-dominated industry?

Lael: Well it’s not really easy; it needs a lot of backup from those who have already made it. Support is also essential because it is what keeps you going as an artist, which I can’t say I don’t have. Many people have been backing me up to get to where I am right now and I promise I will work even harder to go further.

AM: What challenges have you faced to date in your journey?

Lael: You know as a woman, men always try to take advantage of you; this is because women are not taken seriously and it destroys a lot of dreams. They will tell you for you to become a star you have to do something in return usually these are sexual favors and it’s plain exploitation from those in the industry already. So it took me courage and dignity to deny such offers and work with people who see a brighter future in me and are willing to you for the person that you than a means to an end.

AM: Given the opportunity to collaborate with local artists who would you choose

Lael: I would really love to with Bagga, Saintfloew, Tammy Moyo, and Voltz JT.

AM: Any words of encouragement to all upcoming female artists out there?

Lael: Don’t give up; put your values and dignity first but above all Pray.

AM: Thank you so much for you time.

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