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PLZ commemmorates Africa Day in Style

Chief Chikwaka in conversation with Prospect delegation

PLZ commemmorates Africa Day in Style

By Laurence Kanyasa

Zimbabwe joined the rest of the continent in celebrating Africa Day on the 25th of May 2023, the day could not be any better as lithium giant; Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe took part in a cultural exchange with the local people.

During Africa Day celebrations held in Goromonzi at Chinyika Primary School, the Chinese delegation had an opportunity to showcase Chinese cultural artifacts whilst they also had a chance to experience African culture through food, dance, and music.

Guest of honor at the occasion, the District Development Coordinator Ms. Prisca Dube said Africa Day is the annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organization of African Unity on 25 May 1963.

The day is celebrated in various countries on the African continent, as well as around the world for its role in bringing the African nations together, she said.

Ms. Dube also said Africa is of great significance because the continent has 40 percent of the world’s gold and up to 90 percent of its chromium and platinum.

The world’s largest reserves of cobalt, diamonds, platinum, and uranium are in Africa. It holds 65 percent of the world’s arable land and ten percent of the planet’s internal renewable freshwater source.

Hence the purpose and objective of the Zim-China PLZ fair to showcase Zimbabwe and Chinese culture and how they can intermingle for the good of the community as well as stakeholder engagements were noble, she said.

Chief Chikwaka, a respected dignitary at the event, applauded the company for taking part in African cultural activities as part of Africa Day celebrations.

“Africa and China have a unique cultural heritage that cuts across all spheres, as such we thank Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe for organizing such an occasion and joining the local community in celebrating Africa day,” said Chief Chikwaka.

He also thanked the company for the development it has brought to the community through employment creation, infrastructure development and community development programs which have helped uplift the living standards of people in the area.

Speaking at the same occasion, Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe’s Public Relations Executive, Rugare Dhobbie pledged the company’s commitment to continue working with the community and support them where possible.

“As a company operating in a community, it is our duty to ensure there is oneness between people and the mine, we are also excited to have this cultural exchange day as this will go a long way in strengthening community relations with the Chinese,” said Dhobbie.

She went on to say, since the company began doing works in Goromonzi, it has been largely involved in community rebuilding projects, two classroom blocks at Kuvhuta Primary have been built while three blocks were fully refurbished and additional two houses for teacher’s accommodation were built.

In addition, she also said plans are in progress to construct tarred roads, build clinics and schools to ensure that people benefit from resources in their community.

During the showcase, various artifacts were at the display, the Chinese showing off their heritage through cooking and charm artifacts, whilst the locals showcased African culture through modelling pageants, African attires and traditional food.

Local people were very happy with the cultural exchange saying they have learnt a lot of cultural aspects from the Chinese and it has also helped demystify negative things said about the Chinese.

“We are glad to meet and dine with the Chinese, to exchange culture and to dine together, they have a beautiful culture and they also like our African culture,” said Mrs Mapuranga, a community member in Goromonzi.


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